Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sun and Moon

He looks to her and says
"I ask myself each day,
How am I supposed to live without you?
You are Mine,
And always will be...
But I am little more than a peasant in the presence of a Goddess.
You are the Moon,
I look up and see your out most beauty,
And just wish and want 
I consider myself lucky to know you...
Why do you run?"
She looks to him and cries
"You are the sun.
Without your light,
My world will no longer exist.
You think you are a peasant?
I am a beggar,
I beg that you see you are more,
That I am less,
And know True the words I speak!"
The Moon sees Darkness surrounding it,
and believes she too is a Darkness,
Never seeing the Light she casts,
Hoping only to meet with the Sun,
She only knows the Cold of the Midnight Sky,
And Longs for the Suns Warm Rays.
The Sun see all the Light,
And believes it dull,
Always knowing that it will be the same.
Loving His time with the Moon,
Because he knows she is Dark,
And longs for the Knowledge that he warms her.
Each year they wait,
The Moon growing and shrinking in her impatience,
And each morning Fading out of View...
The Sun beaming brilliantly,
But each night he weeps crimson tears for his Beloved
Both just await the few days they can intercede,
And be Together.
This is not a Tale of Love,
But Rather Sorrow,
For the Sun and Moon rarely meet,
But when they do the Whole world watches in Awe,
Because the Beauty of the sight ...
Is more than we mere Mortals can compreheand

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