Monday, November 11, 2013


I’m alone here.
No one sees me - but I see them.
They do not realize I’m here,
it makes me feel sick.
What have I done to deserve this fate?
 Invisibility may seem wonderful to some,
but truly…It’s like dying slowly and painfully-
Your blood sluggishly leaving your body,
it makes you feel cold and alone.
It hurts.
The worst part is no one knows that it’s happening.
I could really be dead and they wouldn’t know the difference.
All I wanted was to find love…
But how can I when I’m not actually there?
I’d love to be seen, heard or even despised…
Something, ANYTHING!
What have I done?
When did this all start?
I just wish I had some answers
for some of the questions doing Olympics in my head but that might just give me more inquiries.
Am I worthless?
 I didn’t realize how much of a burden
 I was. I’m so stupid!
Am I really as pathetic as I feel?
 Or is it worse?
I’d give anything to be held tenderly and treated as though I were something precious.
 I want to be the princess-
the one who rides off into the sunset on the back of my True Loves’ white horse.
Is it not right?
If not then please forgive me, I don’t know what I was thinking!
I know I’m nothing special, but can one not hope?
Is this not the twenty-first century?
Dreams are the same as the weather-
try as we might, we cannot change them.
I just wish I COULD,
at least then I wouldn’t feel so bad about wanting something I can’t have.

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