Saturday, January 25, 2014


Haunted Melodies on Winters Delicate White Wings float gracefully in written Memories while heart-breaking lyrics dance mournfully across the off white pages. The elegantly looping notes of a painful Harmony is all that remains of my glass heart now... There's not even a tear-inducing Violin to accompany them anymore. Music had always been an escape for me, but now it's a prison... The Measures becoming the bars of my incarceration with no door. I'm trapped in the sheet music between Clefts and Rests while notes slowly disappear into Oblivion one-by-one. When will it end? I just want to be free. Music is all i have now, i can claim nothing as my own. I am an Angel with Broken Wings and no place to go. It's been too long since I've slept. I just lie awake listening to Mozart, and counting the beats. i wish i could sleep, cause to sleep is to dream, and to dream is to escape the never ending music of Sorrow. Sadly i must fight the songs threatening to take over my soul and turn it into nothing more than a high-pitched whistling in the wind. What is music, anyway? Who really knows, but those who create and understand the hidden meanings in each note and measure? I've listened to the messages in lyrics and  disguised as Melodies, and even I can not fully understand the tunes I, myself, create. I hear all these songs about Love and Joy, but i also catch the Underlying Pain and Sorrow in the lyrics. Humanity is Cruel and Demented. We push away those who care about us, and surround ourselves with those who don't. What is it we want, if not Love? It's not Money or Power, that's just a cover-up to hide our fragile, broken hearts. i think Humans, as a slightly functioning society, should get out and listen to Natures' Symphony more. We need to find which Melodies or Harmonies make us feel more Serene. Is it the Winds or the Rains? Grass or Sky? Trees or Animals? Either way, no matter what our tune is, we need to stop fighting it, and just embrace it. i mean, no wonder Animals - Caged and Wild - are suffering, skittish, and despise us. We're destroying their homes, and putting them in Glass Prisons and Iron Cages like the have no rights, families, or feelings of their own! they are losing the Music in their Hearts. Can you hear it? The Sound of a Broken Requiem - Missing Notes - Fading to silence in the Background? That's exactly what's happening to both Animals and Humans alike.We're fading. We no longer care about anything, and it's only getting worse. We are becoming ghosts, nothing more than Shades of former selves. We used to be Graceful Angels, but now... We've been kicked from Heavens most beautiful chorus, down to Earths rough, unpolished tones. We went from from Bliss to Hell. Slowly, but still fast enough, we've lost sense of right and wrong, and we don't even seem to feel anymore. Just as well, seeing as Humans these days don't need Actual emotions... We've already mastered singing False tunes to the Silence of the Night

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