Sunday, February 16, 2014

Little Sparrow

Maybe one day, I'll be whole. Perhaps in the Future, I'll know what to do. But for now, I'm a burden. I weigh everyone down, Pulling them with me down to the bottom of the deepest Abyss in the Pacific Ocean. For now, I give up. Why try to Live, when you are nothing? Why attempt to Fly, when you are caged? I flap my Muddied brown wings, but only hit my head on the roof of my cell. This Prison is the only home I know, and i am trapped by my own inability to Fly. Will I ever be free? Ever find a Home? Be a part of a Family? I want so much to escape what holds me back, But the Masters don't sleep anywhere but my own Nightmares. I am forever haunted by my past... Will I ever forget? No rest for the Wicked, now i understand.Such evils cannot rest, for they are too busy plaguing me. No rest for the Run-Down Victims either. I wait until the day they drop the key to my cage... I just hope that day comes before they clip my wings. Family is meant to help you, But where has my family gone? Vanished without a trace. Home... Oh, how i long for a place where my frail heart may call home, but no such place exists. Can someone free me? i grow so tiered of captivity. I'm nothing more than a pet with a cruel master - fearful of the next beating... though each one is verbal. What happened to Peace, Love, and Happiness? Do I not deserve such Wondrous things? Just an imprisoned Little Sparrow, whose Soul and Spirit have been ripped from me. My song has gone mute, and fell on deaf ears before that. I crave freedom and companionship, but i know i will never receive it... Maybe one day, I'll find hope. Perhaps in the future, I'll know better than to fly into a trap.

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