Sunday, February 16, 2014

Biting Blades

Drip...Drip...Drop. A Rush of Crimson Pain and Liquefied Rubies bleeds my memories and sorrows as I slowly drag my Pewter Blade across my Porcelain Skin. Tear-shaped Rubies hit the sink. The sting of a fresh scar doesn't hurt nearly as much as the regret of Failing again. I disappointed you, Broke my Promise. How could I? You're the only Person whose feelings I care about and I let you down. Another slice from the Blade makes me several hundred Ruby drops richer. I know you don't love me, no one can, so why am I here? If it pleases you, You'll never hear from me again. For you, I will bear on in imprisoning silence, Dying inside for you to be free of me. All my words turned to liquid red ink slowly sinking down the drain so that you need never hear them. My silence is your freedom, my gift to you. I will use these beautiful rubies to write you a poem I'm my skin, one you will never see. My Heart, Mind, and Soul belong to you. Keep them, Break them, or Throw them away as you please... The choice is yours, My Dear, all i can do is Cut my way through the pain in a Biting bitter silence.

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