Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life's Mysteries

Life’s Mysteries

The mind-numbingly,
Cold clear liquid,
Slid sluggishly down my throat
At the same pace that blood flowed from cuts on my neck and arms.
For those brief moments in time,
I am free of this pain you force on me.
I make sheets of parchment from my blood,
Create ink out of tears,
Carve a quill from the bones of my arms,
And write you a crystallized poem to show you of my agony,
But you just dissolve it
And pour it down the sink without even glancing at the words.
All I know now is that we’re running in circles,
Crying to the silence,
Trying to forget our fears…
But they just keep popping up.
Our insecurities are brought to light,
While our joys are pushed into a dark coffin,
Dead from abandonment.
Life is a sorrowful blade of death
That has us crying forgotten memories,
Bleeding unseen prophecies,
And screaming unheard conundrums.
We all know that ‘Happily ever afters’ are so ‘Once upon a time’, these days.
We just want to pretend that,
For a little while,
They do exist.
That we’ll get to ride off into that mythical sunset
With our ‘true love’ by our sides.
Let’s be honest here.
Chivalry is dead,
Prince Charming is a lazy dead-beat,
And Cinderella is a two-faced anorexic whore!
We got the short end of the stick.
These days,
Women are their own knights,
And men can have as many Cinderella’s as they want.
Even peace is a fairy-tale,
What with peer-pressure
To do things we don’t wanna do.
If only we could go back.
Return to a time where the only sluts were in brothels,
Women were actually treated like ladies,
And men weren’t such pigs!
I swear,
When ‘Once upon a time’ died,
‘Once upon a living hell’ stepped up to the plate,
Doing its best to make our lives miserable.
Sometimes I just want to crawl into a cave,
Curl up,
And sleep until the world starts to makes sense.
But that’s never gonna happen,
Because I guess the world isn’t supposed to be understood.
We’re all supposed to live our lives,
Confused as to why we’re here,
Who we are.
I think that it’s all bullshit,
That we’re on this planet with nothing but fairy-tales,
And lost hopes,
And someone should really fix that,
Because I don’t know how.
But don’t worry,
You can bet that if I find the answer to Life’s Mysteries,
You’ll be the first one I call!

-Abigail Campos

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