Monday, October 1, 2012



You’re gone.
What happened?
You said you’d always be there for me.
I wasn’t ready for you to leave.
There was so much we never got to do.
Now, I can only hope that you’re having fun up there,
Above the clouds and beyond the stars,
Where time ceases to exist.
I’m still here.
I can’t say that I didn’t expect it,
I just wish we’d had more time,
To see you once more,
Before it was too late.
I don’t understand,
What went wrong?
You were fine the other day,
My hand shakes,
As I put my pen to this paper to express how I feel,
But even attempting to write what I can’t say is impossible.
My vision blurs,
As little shimmering stars streak down my face,
But they are ants compared to my elephant-sized feelings.
I don’t know what to do.
You could always make me laugh when I was sad,
And you would endlessly help me when I was confused.
I regret that we didn’t talk as much.
I’m so sorry!
I know that it isn’t my fault,
But I had to say something,
And I’m lost.
I love you,
And I’ll always need you…
But we can’t help it.
When the Grim Reaper decides to visit,
He won’t be ignored.
We’re you at least happy?
Near the end?
I hope so,
But there’s no way to truly tell.
I hate that we all have to die alone,
But I know there’s nothing to help that.
My stable life is crumbling,
But in its place,
A new one is beginning to sprout.
I wish you were here,
That I could tell you how much I love you in person,
And you can comfort me
As I cry into your shirt over something stupid,
But you’re not.
It’s too late.
All I have left of you are the memories,
The ones that make tears fall from my burning eyes,
And that just makes me miss you even more.
I just wish that I could say this one last thing to you,
Before you left.
Goodbye, Grandpa…
I miss you.

-Abigail Campos

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