Friday, August 29, 2014

Riddle me This

Sometimes, I find myself thinking that death really is the answer. After all, who would miss me? The only answer is not a good one. Death is not pretty, it's a harsh truth that wakes you up to the world around you. Life is nothing more than a beautiful fairies glamour. It disguises all the bad and makes you believe that nothing is wrong when truly... Everything is. after about a year, you wouldn't even remember I ever lived. No not lived... I only ever survived I went day today, waking up and losing a little more of myself. That's not life, that's definite gift box. Every morning, it cold to me. Why not end it? You don't deserve to be here. Answer me this:, if suicide is wrong, why do people push others to their breaking point and expect them to be ok? Why do people constantly demean and criticize the week knowing what would happen? You know why? Because we are destroyers. We find everything we can to ruin others, and when someone ruins us, we wake up. We see all the bad and none of the good. We decide that we aren't good enough anymore, and in some ways we are right. we are brought down to this depression and expected to deal with it are so, because asking for help means that you will never be good enough. And would we can't take it anymore, we enjoyed ourselves. Even in finding freedom, we are wrong. how can you sit there, looking at me like I have lost plot, when you know that I am right? Now Riddle me This... If you have nothing to live for, why bother living at all?

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